Sara Salvadori

by | Mai 15, 2024 | Hildegard-Woche 2024 Speaker

Sara Salvadori (1972). Since 2011 she has been engaged in research on the figure of Hildegard von Bingen which began with a symbolic/iconographic reading of the visionary miniatures collected in the illuminated manuscripts Scivias, “Know the  Ways”, and the Book of the Divine. This research unveils new „reading devices“ that serve to open up unprecedented ways of accessing Hildegard’s entire work and medieval iconography. The first part of the material is published in two volumes: Journey into the Images (2019) and In the Heart of God (2021), by the editor Skira in both Italian and English, with the first volume also published in German by WBG. Having graduated from the Conservatory of Music in Viola, followed by a PhD in Educational Sciences in Florence, she then dedicated herself, from 2005 to 2021, to theological studies and spiritual reflection under the guidance of Don Giorgio Mazzanti. Since 2012 she is a member of the Cantus Anthimi choir directed by Livio Picotti with whom she participated in the album, Laus Trinitati, recorded at the Abbey of Sant’Antimo, which includes music composed by Hildegard. She is a principal collaborator of Michela Pereira, former professor of Philosophy and Medieval History, and teaches with Paolo Luzzi, former head of the Botanical Garden of Florence. Since 2022, her research path has been supported by the Pasquinelli Foundation in Milan.

Hildegard von Bingen, Viaggio nelle Immagini, Skira, 2019
Hildegard von Bingen, A Journey into the Images, Skira 2019 (English translation)
Hildegard von Bingen, Das Gehimnis der Bilder, WBG 2022 (German translation)
Hildegard von Bingen, Nel Cuore di Dio, Skira, 2021
Hildegard von Bingen, In the Heart of God, Skira 2022 (English translation)
“Contemplazione via di Sapienza” in the volume. Le vie di Ildegarda Gabrielli Editore, Verona, 2020.
“Lux vivens et obscura. Vedere e Ascoltare. Le miniature di Scivias di Hildegard Von Bingen” in the conference proceedings, Illuminare il Presente held in 2020 in Vittorio Veneto, 2021.
“Nel cuore di Dio, nel cuore dell’Uomo”, in the volume Microcosmo and Macrocosmo, La mirabile visione, Ephemeria, Macerata, 2022.

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