Margarida Barbal Rodoreda: The Music of Hildegard von Bingen

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„Hildegard’s musical and poetic compositions amount to 159 songs, 77 of which belong to Symphonia harmonie celestium revelationum and the rest to the morality play Ordo virtutum. Her music production is the largest with authorship written from the twelfth century that has been preserved.“

„All Hildegard’s songs captivate us because of the profusion and beauty of their images and some of them because of an unusual melismatic richness too. When we are in communion with this kind music, we feel subtly pushed by a dynamic Richness that can be physically felt
as an internal flow. It can also bring us to an exceptional spiritual state that can be described as the inspiration, beauty, healing and enlightening strength of Hildegard.“

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Margarida Barbal Rodoreda is a professor at the Barcelona Music School (Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya) with profound knowlege on Hildegard’s music. At the international Conference 2012, she gave a workshop on Hildegard’s favorite song „O virga ac diadema“ in Bingen („Hildegard Gedächtniskirche“). Margarida Barbal wrote the two tableau-texts on Hildegard’s music on the „Hildegard of Bingen Pilgrimage Route“. As a singer of Hildegard’s songs, she recorded „Lebendiges Licht“ in 2016 (Psalmos. RDA); songs from this record can be heard along the Hildegard Way. This article contains additional text to the tableais on Hildegard’s music generally, and specifically on her Marian songs.

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