11.2 Workshop Creativity

gestaltet von Lucy D'Souza.

10.2 On the Hildegard Way

Vortrag von Dr. Annette Esser

7.1 Workshop Musik

Hearing Hildegard: Bridges Between Medieval Chant and World Music Workshop is held by Henry Lebedinsky While much work has been done regarding the musicological and paleographic interpretation of Hildegard's compositions, fewer have considered what the voices singing...

6.2 „Liber Divinorum Operum“

Sara Salvatori will speak about the liber divinorum.

4.2. Hildegard’s Psychotherapy

A presentation with Danae Ashley. The Rev. Danae Ashley will be presenting on "The Ministry of Presence: Holistic Healing in Mental Health through the Twelfth Century Practices of Hildegard von Bingen". The healing work of twelfth century German Benedictine abbess...

3.2 Hildegard – The Medieval Herbalist

The presentation / workshop is held by Dr. Shanon Sterringer. "We will spend our time together exploring some of the herbal remedies recorded by Hildegard of Bingen, a 12th century German Benedictine Herbalist and Natural Healer. We will be using excerpts from her...
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